Securing Organizations Email and Data Repositories
For Your Employees Working from Home

Apart from all the health and economic impact caused by the Coronavirus, the virus has changed the way organizations and teams work – possibly forever. Amongst other things, the one challenge that organizations face like never before is security and compliance associated with handling sensitive email and data repositories outside the traditional perimeter on unmanaged networks, applications, and devices. To help lessen the burden, we are offering free use of our Seclore Rights Management product until September 30, 2020 hosted on the Cloud. In addition, the following components are included: Unified Policy Manager that integrates and automates all your data-centric security solutions. Email Auto-Protector that allows you to automate the protection of your data repositories and outgoing and incoming emails. Hot Folders that protects your file storage system. SharePoint Online connector that automatically protects files when uploaded into SharePoint Online. And SharePoint and IBM ECM connectors that automatically protects data upon download.

Challenges with Personal Devices

Personal devices, computers, smartphones and everything in the middle, pose the largest last-mile threat to sensitive and regulatory data. Once data reaches personal devices, data will remain there forever, even after employees return to the office. Organizations may never have visibility of the data on these devices.

Risks Using Unsecured Public Networks

When working from home, employees typically connect to cloud applications using the public internet or Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). On the public internet, we know there is no security or privacy. However, if the objective is security of data, then the secured network infrastructure only offers security of data-in-transit. What happens before or after data reaches a personal device is not protected.