Seclore’s FileSecure Information Rights Management and Websense Data Loss Prevention Solution Unite to Provide Comprehensive IRM to Enterprises

Mumbai, India – 3rd August 2010 – Seclore today announced that their Seclore FileSecure Information Rights Management (IRM) and Websense® data loss prevention (DLP) will be available as an integrated solution to combine leading technologies to extend DLP policies beyond the enterprise perimeter. The combined offering enables companies to reduce manual rights application, cost and complexity, and ensure that policies are applied consistently and pervasively. As a result, customers will be able to automatically discover, tag, and protect confidential information within and outside of the enterprise.Websense, with its market-leading content-aware DLP capabilities, identifies and classifies content on the fly and integrates with the Seclore FileSecure DTP framework for automatic classification to protect data when that data is in use both inside and outside the enterprise. The combination of Seclore IRM technology with Websense content-aware intelligence provides increased and more efficient security without compromising employees’ ability to collaborate securely and extend data protection policies outside the perimeter.The combined Websense and Seclore solution streamlines data identification, classification, and protection, by automating policy-based controls. The highly accurate content awareness delivered in Websense Data Security Suite eliminates the need to manually classify and secure files, while Seclore then automates and extends the appropriate security controls to the files. The integration helps organizations maximize their investments in IRM and DLP for better, more effective security at a lower total cost of ownership.The enhanced security received through this integration enables companies to maintain their current business workflows while protecting sensitive information.

Benefits include:
Extending DLP policies outside the enterprise perimeter
Lowering IT administrative overhead through automated application of content-aware policy controls
Facilitating compliance and auditing of unstructured data (e.g., PDFs, MS Office formats, email, Web pages) inside and outside the organization
Enabling collaboration involving new technologies, such as dynamic Web-based applications
Maintaining business workflows while securing sensitive data“The combination of Websense DLP and Seclore FileSecure brings together the best of both worlds for enterprises. The Websense DLP solution puts the control of Seclore FileSecure policy application in the hands of the enterprise” says Rahul Kopikar, Head of Business Development at Seclore.“With the combined solution, customers can easily define and implement content-aware policies, which analyze the information in files in real time as they’re created, used, and stored. When a file is discovered and Websense intelligence identifies its contents, the solution will automatically apply policy-appropriate IRM that will remain with the file and its contents no matter where the file is used or stored, whether on or off the network” explains Surendra Singh, Websense Regional Sales Director for India.

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