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Shilpa Medicare resource thumbnail
Use Cases and Testimonials
Secloring Stories: Shilpa Medicare

A global brand in manufacturing and supplying affordable Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Formulations used Seclore’s Security24 to protect their sensitive data during collaboration and achieve regulatory compliance.

Case Study: Chemours Chemicals
Use Cases and Testimonials
Secloring Stories: Large US Chemical Company

A large US chemical company uses Seclore’s data-centric security platform to protect their intellectual property.

Read this whitepaper to learn how Seclore helps organizations protect their IP.

Whitepaper: Complying with the Part 500 of the New York Codes, Rules, and Regulations (23NYCRR500)

The rise of cyberthreats across industries has challenged enterprises to meet dynamic compliance requirements. They tend to exploit technological vulnerabilities to gain access to sensitive data.

The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) has witnessed the constant threats posed to the financial institutions and the consumers whose private information may be revealed or stolen for illicit purposes. This can lead to significant losses to entities regulated by the NYDFS.

Read this whitepaper to learn how Seclore helps organizations comply with the NYCRR.

Seclore for Microsoft 365
Videos and Infographics
Seclore for Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has seen an unprecedented adoption spree in recent years. It has been an effective enterprise-level collaboration and productivity tool for the distributed workforce.

Enterprises have identified the growing risk and are looking for security controls that come along with Microsoft – especially the capabilities to identify sensitive data and enhance security.

Watch the detailed video to learn how Seclore helps close the security gaps from Microsoft 365 adoption.

Complying with the CCPA
Whitepaper: Complying with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

The growing role of technology and data in consumers’ everyday lives has increased the amount of personal information they share with businesses. Unauthorized access to such personal information can lead to disastrous consequences such as financial fraud, reputational damage, and even physical damage. Considered one of the strictest privacy laws in the United States, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) allows California residents to control how businesses process their personal information. Read this whitepaper to learn how Seclore helps organizations comply with the CCPA.

Seclore for Microsoft 365
Whitepaper: Seclore for Microsoft 365

The accelerated adoption of Microsoft 365 has helped enterprises enable productivity and collaboration for their distributed workforce. However, IT teams have been battling newer challenges related to security on the cloud. The frequent reports of data breaches from Microsoft 365 cloud and Exchange servers over the last couple of years have resulted in financial and reputational losses. Clearly, Security Risk Management leaders worldwide are worried.

Read this whitepaper to learn how Seclore integrates with Microsoft 365 to fill in the security gaps and provide holistic data-centric security.

Seclore | Understanding Data-Centric Security
Videos and Infographics
Seclore | Understanding Data-Centric Security

Watch how Seclore Rights Management provides data-centric security to help organizations ensure that their sensitive data is protected throughout its lifecycle.

Spice Money
Use Cases and Testimonials
Secloring Stories: Spice Money

Spice Money uses Seclore Rights Management to control misuse and preserve the confidentiality of sensitive data as it gets shared with third parties.

Bharat Forge
Use Cases and Testimonials , Videos and Infographics
Secloring Stories: Bharat Forge

Bharat Forge talks about how Seclore helped them uphold customer confidence with the help of Seclore’s EDRM solution. They also talk about how integrating Seclore with their DLP resulted in multifold benefits.

Use Cases and Testimonials , Videos and Infographics
Secloring Stories: MCAG

MCAG talks about how Seclore Rights Management helped them protect their company data by segregating the users and assigning them different rights on a granular level. He also talks about how Seclore Rights Management has provided them assured security allowing them to focus on innovating their products and moving forward in business.

Seclore VS MIP
Brochures & Datasheets
Seclore vs MIP: Comparison Datasheet
As your organization moves to the cloud and embraces Microsoft 365, the most immediate concern you need to overcome is the security of your sensitive data. Data protection capabilities in Microsoft 365 are either lacking or fail to deliver secure collaboration, or both. Using an M365 enterprise offering like Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) may provide data security for your organization for free.

Read this datasheet to learn how Microsoft Information Protection falls short of providing complete data security at an enterprise level. This datasheet also shows how Seclore, a data-centric security specialist, provides enterprise-grade data security.

Data protection - How to navigate video
Videos and Infographics , Webcasts Recordings
Webinar: Data Protection: How to Navigate the DLP/Classification/DRM/Encryption Landscape for Compliance and Security

Data protection is quickly becoming an impossible goal. The number of collaboration applications, devices, networks, and cloud services is constantly increasing. Data-centric security technologies like DLP, encryption and classification have been around for some time but have taken enormous time and resources to deploy. This webinar brings together industry experts to discuss the pros and cons of these technologies and share their experiences. The event covers how automation is changing the landscape in data-centric security deployments.