Securing Intellectual Property Wherever it Travels

The manufacturing industry thrives on cross-enterprise (and even cross-country) collaboration with third-party contractors, vendors, and other partners in the value chain. As employees send drawings and designs, blueprints, technical manuals, proposals, prices lists and other sensitive documents – much of it highly confidential – your ability to obtain control of the data is very limited. Learn how to keep your intellectual property protected throughout the collaboration process.

New White Paper – Defense Manufacturing: A New Approach to Protecting Sensitive Information Wherever It Travels

With the introduction of DFARS/NIST regulations, defense manufacturing organizations need an effective way to control and track sensitive information they share across the supply chain. Find out how the Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform is enabling organizations to leverage best-of-breed DLP, Classification, and Rights Management to close security gaps and address regulatory compliance.

Data-Centric Security to Secure Your IP Wherever it Travels

There are many areas where sensitive data can be at risk. Scroll over the six departments in the diagram below to see where your manufacturing company may be exposed to data loss of confidential information.

GRC / Risk & Audit Reports

Audit reports for data security regulatory compliance such as NIST/ITAR and EAR are shared with government agencies.

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R&D / IP & New Technology

Technical specifications, drawings, roadmaps, standards and guidelines are shared with contractors, suppliers, vendors, prospects and bidders.

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QA / Reports & Incident Management

Quality control metrics and assurance reports are shared with suppliers and across business units.

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Contracts & Legal

Financial statements and projections are shared with Advisors and Partners.

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Pricing & Proposals / Bidding

Price lists for products are shared with channel partners and distributors on a regular basis. As well, pricing structures, material costs, and rate contracts are shared with prospects and bidders.

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HR / Employee Data

Employee data is shared across business units and with outsourced agencies such as payroll and benefit companies.

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Find out how to address GDPR with Data-Centric Security.

How Seclore Data-Centric Platform Meets NIST Compliance

Many manufacturing companies are determining how to best address the NIST SP 800-171 regulation. Because the manufacturing process requires external collaboration and the sharing of sensitive IP across hundreds of sub-contractors and suppliers, traditional ‘perimeter-centric’ security measures are not enough to achieve NIST compliance.

Find out how Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform can help you protect your IP and address NIST in this white paper.

Customer Spotlight

Exostar, a provider of a secure collaboration platform that helps highly regulated industries securely collaborate throughout the value chain, uses Seclore Rights Management to address NIST compliance requirements.
Feedco, one of the largest manufacturers of animal feed products in Saudi Arabia can collaborate confidently and foster safe exchange of sensitive data with its customers without risking customers’ or their own intellectual property by using Seclore Rights Management.