Risk Insights

Data-Centric Insights expand the visibility of sensitive assets and provide insights into risk exposure and threats of non-compliance.

Your Enterprise At-A-Glance

Providing insights into classification and risk trends in real time through three interactive dashboards.
Risk Insights
Understand your organization’s current and prevented risk at-a-glance. Explore key factors that contribute to increasing or decreasing your risk, including data extraction activities, blocked unauthorized attempts, and how and where your sensitive digital assets are being accessed.
Risk Insights1
Risk Insights3
Digital Asset Classification
Get a snapshot view of digital asset classification initiative across your organization, including which labels are being applied, and percentages of suggested classification labels accepted or ignored. Understand how business is labelling sensitive data – classifying, declassifying, upgrading and downgrading the sensitivity levels of the asset.
Gain insights to how business interacts with sensitive digital assets in the organization (inside and outside). Understand which partners are assessing your assets and if there are any unauthorized attempts to extract data. View authorized activities and unauthorized attempts taken on digital assets by domain, classification label, and geographic location, as well as actions taken on documents (open, share, print, screenshot, protect, unprotect, etc.).
Risk Insights2

Actionable Insights

Dig deeper into the risk insights to narrow down the cause of the risk.  Take action on the insights by reviewing and finetuning your security policies within and beyond Seclore.

Power your SOC by feeding your SIEM with document-level insights from Seclore. Supercharge your DLP or CASB with Seclore.


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