About Seclore

Protecting Information Wherever it Goes with Innovative, Data-Centric Security

The Growing Data Security Gap

Despite spending billions of dollars on security software, organizations are still experiencing data breaches and leakage. This is because most security investments are focused on protecting devices, applications and networks, leaving organizations’ single most valuable asset – data – vulnerable. As data increasingly moves across users, applications, networks and devices, the data security gap continues to grow.

More than ever before, accelerating trends such as cloud applications, BYOD and outsourcing mean that more organizations are leaving their data exposed – and incurring tremendous risks to their internal and external stakeholders, corporate reputations and bottom line.

Only Seclore Provides Rock-Solid Security


Most Advanced

Seclore offers organizations a unique, innovative approach to protecting, controlling and tracking data wherever it goes.

  • The protection continues across devices, networks, applications, and perimeters…removing remaining security gaps.
  • Granular usage controls give organizations the ability to control exactly what someone can do with the file or data (screen share, cut/paste) even while the information is in use by an authorized recipient.
  • All data use can be tracked, and access to data modified or revoked after the information has been distributed.


Most Connected

Seclore is the most connected data-centric security solution in the market. With dozens of pre-built connectors and unique policy federation, Seclore automatically protects files and data as they are downloaded from major enterprise systems and applications, including from ECM and ERP systems, shared via email and EFSS and discovered by DLP. As a result, it’s quick and seamless to add Seclore to existing enterprise IT environments – and avoid the data security gap most organizations continue to face today.


Any File, Anywhere

With Seclore, organizations can protect any type of file, and use protected files on the widest range of devices within their native applications. Seclore is also the only solution on the market to provide a completely browser-based solution: Users and administrators can protect documents, work on protected files, and administer policies from their browser.

Partnering is in Our DNA

Our solutions are designed to be easy to integrate with, and deliver high value-add, making it easy for our OEM, system integrator and technology partners to leverage data-centric security. Our distributors and resellers are integral to delivering data-centric solutions and services to our customers around the world. All of our partners benefit from dedicated support teams to help ensure their success with Seclore.

Market Leader: 6000 Customers, 2 Billion Protected Files, 29 Countries

We combine deep industry expertise and uniquely open and scalable data-centric technology to seamlessly extend the security infrastructure across and beyond the organization’s perimeter. The result is effortless, secure collaboration, in and outside the company, and a simplified approach to solving pressing regulatory compliance including GDPR, PCI-DSS, NIST, and more.

This is why Seclore is the most adopted rights management solution in the world. Every day, over 12 million users across 6,000 companies in 29 countries ‘seclore’ their data and files. They’ve come to rely on Seclore’s advanced, secure, and connected rights management solution to accelerate the adoption of data-centric security and to rapidly close their data security gap.