About Us

Protecting Information Wherever it Goes with Innovative, Data-Centric Security

Corporate Overview

Delivering solutions that ensure information remains secure and trackable no matter how or where it travels, without hindering collaboration effectiveness, has been our mission for over eight years.

As an early and on-going innovator in Rights Management technology, we have now expanded our solution suite with an open, agile Data-Centric Security Platform. The Platform enables organizations to unify best-of-breed Data-Centric Security Solutions with existing Enterprise systems to address the inherent limitations in various data protection point solutions. The cohesive Data-Centric Security framework also automates the protection of documents as they are discovered, classified, downloaded and shared, ensuring the sensitive information is consistently protected without impacting collaboration workflow.

Our combination of deep expertise in data security, a drive to provide the most innovative solutions, and unwavering commitment to customer success, is enabling organizations to leverage the best technologies available on the market to ensure that their sensitive information is secure throughout its lifecycle.


Our mission is to protect the world’s information by giving organizations the ability to easily leverage best-in-class data protection technologies that will ensure documents remain secure and trackable throughout the collaboration process – without hampering productivity.

Benefits of the Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform

Our unified, open Data-Centric Security Platform delivers the following benefits:


Removes limitations of point solutions such as DLP, CASB, Data Classification and Rights Management to ensure full protection, tracking and revocation of access to sensitive data


Automates the Data-Centric Process to ensure sensitive documents are consistently protected without impacting user productivity


Reduces deployment costs associated with integrating best-of-breed DLP, CASB, Data Classification and Rights Management systems


Simplifies operations by leveraging existing Enterprise systems (ECM, File Shares, Email, EFSS, ERP) to automatically protect documents as they are downloaded and shared


Streamlines and improves audit and compliance reporting by automatically consolidating detailed data usage information


Provides a blueprint and the agility to swap out and add solutions as the organization’s needs change and new technologies are introduced to the market