Case Study

Leading American automobile company secures priceless product planning documents with Seclore

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A leading American car manufacturer needed to keep valuable intellectual property (IP) safe from data theft and insider threats. The car company used Seclore’s file server integration to secure documents internally and restrict external sharing. Now, company data worth millions is protected wherever it travels or resides.

The Challenge

Securing priceless product planning documents

In the automobile industry, product planning lays out multi-year projections for the design, engineering, tooling, launch, and production of a company’s vehicle lines and models. Planning documents include sensitive business information like new car models, which can take years to create and launch and are critical for differentiation and competitiveness in the market.

Our client, one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers, needed to secure its product plannings documents against IP theft and insider threats. If those planning documents were stolen, the company’s ideas for all of their new models could leak to the media—or worse, their competitors.

The potential impact on the business would be catastrophic. With those documents in the wrong hands, the company could lose millions in market share and revenue.
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The Solution

Enterprise IP protection

The automobile company used Seclore’s data-centric security solution to protect its IP wherever it travels.
Seclore instantly protects all planning documents saved within a folder. When shared internally, those documents are converted to protected PDFs and emailed only to authorized recipients. External sharing is restricted, and only authorized recipients can view protected documents from authorized desktops.
Screen sharing and viewing on unauthorized devices like tablets or mobile devices is also restricted.
Management and executives who need broader access will receive the file-server-protected planning documents via email. They can access the documents on their desktops, tablets, or mobile phones—once the files are protected in the file server, the protection persists and is agnostic of the sharing mechanism.
On top of that, the automobile manufacturer used Seclore to add custom protection to any research and study docs as needed.

The Results

Successfully protecting IP worth millions of dollars

By protecting its product planning documents, the automobile company has significantly reduced the threat of product leaks. Over 400 authorized users can still share the planning documents quickly and efficiently with internal stakeholders, without compromising company IP. Company leaders across five continents work with protected strategy documents.
Most importantly, company assets worth millions are protected and secure.

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