DLP + Seclore: Detect and Automatically Protect Sensitive Data

Extend the Power of DLP with Persistent, Granular Usage Controls and Tracking

While DLP and Rights Management on their own fulfill part of the data security process – together they can super charge your data protection! As soon as sensitive data is discovered by industry-leading DLP systems, the detected files and emails become automatically protected with Seclore’s granular usage controls. No additional user intervention is required! The information stays secured and trackable as it travels across and beyond the enterprise, even into the cloud or upon export to an offline device such as a USB drive. Seclore Rights Management goes well beyond standard encryption: information usage continues to be controlled while it is being utilized by the recipient. And for the icing on the cake – you can modify or completely revoke access permissions at any time, even after a file has been downloaded.

Pre-built connectors make it easy for you to leverage your preferred DLP solution in combination with Seclore Rights Management.

How Seclore’s Integration with DLP Works

Seclore DLP system

DLP + Rights Management

Business Benefits:

  • Automatically add granular usage controls and tracking to detected documents
  • Change or completely revoke access to previously shared documents and emails
  • Enable uninterrupted internal and external collaboration
  • Reduce DLP administrative efforts

See the Power of Combining DLP with Rights Management from Seclore


Forcepoint - Seclore DLP demo


Symantec - Seclore DLP demo