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Seclore APIs and Developer SDKs

Seclore Data Security Solutions

Seclore is capable of existing as a Rights Management infrastructural platform – and not just a point solution. With robust and easy-to-use APIs, you can make Rights Management a seamless part of your IT infrastructure.

Web Service APIs

The Seclore Policy Server exposes the complete set of APIs as RESTful Web Services so that they can be called from any platform or device. All service calls are secured via built-in web service authentication controls.

User Authentication Services

Seclore Rights Management provides ready-made interfaces for integrating with any other system for authentication. This can be most useful when you wish to use an existing system (e.g. Knowledge Management or LMS portal, vendor or partner portal) for external user authentication.

File Protection Services

APIs are available for File Protect and Unprotect functions that are typically used when automatically protecting files being downloaded from or uploaded to enterprise systems.

Client-Side SDKs

The client-side SDKs provide language-specific bindings and helper libraries that reduce the knowledge curve and accelerate development. Available in Java and .NET, the SDKs simplify the development process to help complete integration projects in days rather than weeks, or months.

Access Permissions Interface for Real-Time Policy Enforcement

The Seclore Access Permissions Interface provides the tightest possible integration of an enterprise application with any IRM system in the world. When the end user opens the file, Seclore can query the enterprise system itself in real time and get the access permissions for that file.

Thus, you can ensure that downloaded files have the same access permissions that were applicable to the data when it was inside the application.

Seclore Lite Online as a Service

The Seclore Lite Online service can be used to integrate with Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) or Virtual Data Room (VDR) services as a secure online web-based interface. Files in the VDR (or any other application) can be automatically opened in the browser – without downloading a local copy and without installing any software.

Designed for Scalability

Seclore Rights Management’s APIs and SDKs are optimized for high-volume usage and are designed for scalability. Even Seclore‘s internal components use many of the same APIs that are exposed as web services.