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Discover Next-Generation Email Encryption with Seclore


Automate Email Encryption with Zero Intervention!

Relying on your users to add security to emails and attachments is a risky business. Especially if you are under compliance or are handling sensitive information from customers, suppliers or partners. That’s why our Email Auto-Protector allows organizations to add usage controls on outcoming and incoming emails without user intervention. But we didn’t just stop there with automation. The Seclore Email Auto-Protector can integrate with, and leverage existing DLP, Classification and Enterprise Applications to automatically apply usage controls for enhanced security. Protect emails and attachments wherever they travel and while they are being worked upon!

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Take a Peek at Automated Email Encryption

Automating Email Encryption

Make email security seamless for your users. Seclore Email Auto-Protector can automatically add granular usage controls to outgoing and incoming emails by leveraging rules set up in the Seclore Mail Agent Transfer (MTA) server. No need for user intervention to protect emails! Plus, external recipients can easy access the protected email and attachments in their web browser on any device.

Integrating Enterprise Systems for Optimal Protection

If you already own DLP or Classification solutions, the Seclore Email Auto-Protector can leverage any discovered or classified information to automatically attach usage controls to emails and attachment before they are emailed. Seclore also works with Enterprise Applications to automatically attach usage controls to automated reports and statements that are emailed.

Seamless Browser-Based Access

Onboarding external users can be a challenge. With Seclore’s agentless browser, recipients can open and utilize a protected document in Seclore’s Secure Email Viewer within their web browser on any device.

Control, Track Email and Attachment Usage at a Granular Level

Seclore One-Click Protection makes securing emails and attachments as easy as 1, 2, 3! Users can select the appropriate usage controls in the email ribbon before sending an email.

Smart Sharing for Secure Collaboration

When Smart Sharing is turned on, protected emails, attachments and new email content remains secure when forwarded by an email recipient. Plus, any new external recipients can be registered on-the-fly for immediate access, making collaboration seamless, yet secure.

Remote Control and Tracking of Users Activities

Users can now easily and conveniently monitor recipients’ activities on emails within the email itself rather than logging into a portal. Modification or revocation of usage rights can be done within the email as well, and take effect immediately.

Demo Videos

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Explore the full range of Seclore email encryption capabilities:

  • Automatic protection on outgoing and incoming emails
  • Integration with DLP, Classification and Enterprise Applications for enhanced email security
  • Seamless browser-based access for external users
  • Email forwarding without compromising security or productivity
  • Tracking of user’s behavior and revoking access to an email, all within the email

Symantec DLP + Seclore Email Auto-Protector


McAfee DLP + Seclore Email Auto-Protector


Forcepoint DLP + Seclore Email Auto-Protector


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Seclore Email Protector Datasheet
Emails are the most common sources of data breaches and often the most embarrassing. Learn how you can automatically add, granular usage controls to your emails and attachments, as well as how to integrate DLP, Classification and Enterprise Applications with Seclore Email Auto Protector to maximize security.


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