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Protect sensitive data in emails throughout their lifecycle with granular, persistent usage data security controls – without any user intervention.

Email Encryption for the Modern Enterprise

Finding a secure email encryption solution is vital for modern enterprises in today’s data-driven world. Email remains the most common tool for business collaboration and collaboration, as well as the most significant pathway for cyberattacks. Over 90% of cyberattacks start with a phishing email, with 35% of successful attacks starting through that same channel.

Because of this, secure email encryption is a business imperative. This is especially true as the population of remote workers grows and there are more geographically distributed teams. Protecting sensitive data in transit, including messages and attachments, means that business can be conducted safely and securely. 

FAQ About Email Encryption

Secure email encryption is the authentication process through which plaintext emails are scrambled with the goal of only making them readable for the intended recipient. Email encryption platforms typically operate via a software gateway or a policy-based decision engine. They might have additional features, but typically encrypting email starts with public key cryptography and digital signatures. On the other end of the conversation, a key exchange needs to occur so the intended recipient can easily decrypt and read the secure email.

Email encryption platforms typically don’t encrypt every email. The storage requirements of doing so are often enormous, and many emails don’t include sensitive data. Organizations determine specific policies, such as automatically encrypting emails that include personally identifiable information or allowing for manual encryption on a per email basis to protect ad hoc sensitive data. They may also choose specific email addresses to have additional features or stronger security. Someone on the executive team might, for example, have more of their emails encrypted than a lower-level employee. Similarly, someone who works closely with external partners might have more of a need to send secure emails.  

There are three common email encryption methods: PGP, S/MIME, and TLS. Each of these methods serves the purpose of securing sensitive data, but works a little differently.
These standards can be used across multiple email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Workspace, and other providers.

What is Seclore Email Encryption Plus?

Seclore Email Encryption Plus provides end-to-end automatic secure email encryption, plus more. Email Encryption Plus leverages a data-centric approach, combining enterprise digital rights management, classification, and watermarking capabilities for a robust secure email encryption service. Email Encryption Plus can also integrate with your existing Data Loss Prevention, classification, and enterprise applications to automatically apply granular usage controls to protect emails and attachments in transit, at rest, and even while in use.

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Infographic: Why Email Security is More Important Now Than Ever

Studies have shown that 93% of the time, emails are the root cause of data breaches in an organization. The risk of data breaches has also escalated, with a 75% boost in global email traffic resulting from the rise in work-from-home employees.

Download the infographic to learn about the impact of data breaches due to poor email security and possible solutions for adequate email security.

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Complete Visibility Over Sensitive Data

Track Your Email’s Journey

Get automatic alerts when an unauthorized user accesses your protected email, intentionally or unintentionally.

Access Your Email Securely

Enable employee and external partners to easily access and use Seclore-protected emails and attachments regardless of device, format, and platform.

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Enforce Granular Usage Controls over Emails and Attachments

Protect Messages and Attachments Automatically

Leverage the “subject,” “to,” and “from” data to automatically secure emails with the appropriate usage controls without user intervention.

Extend Protection with Leading Enterprise Applications

Integrate with leading data loss prevention, classification, and enterprise applications by adding granular usage controls, allowing sharing of sensitive data in a secure environment.

One-Click Email Protection

Protect email messages and attachments with just one click to ensure they always remain private and confidential.

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Define and Attach Granular Data-Centric Usage Controls

Control Your Email Access Remotely

Revoke access to protected emails and attachments anytime after they are sent.

Schedule Email Expiration Date

Set an expiration date for your secure emails for any time, regardless of whose inbox they reside in.

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Evaluation Checklist for Enterprise Email Security

Download this comprehensive checklist to compare the capabilities of various email security solutions and choose the most appropriate secure email encryption service for your organization.

Seamlessly Integrate with Existing Solutions

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