Secure Email Encryption

Email is one of the leading causes of security breaches and noncompliance for enterprises.
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Industry-Leading enterprises trust Seclore to safely share millions of sensitive emails every month

Organizations send millions of emails every day

Filling inboxes and personal devices with sensitive information like:

That’s why email is the leading cause of security breaches and noncompliance for most enterprises

Don’t stop sending emails, start protecting them

Email is the most widely used data-sharing platform in the world, with millions of sensitive emails and attachments going out every day. That’s why adding even a small amount of friction is often met with resistance. As a result, email security has historically been limited to carefully authenticating users and protecting network or cloud environments from unauthorized access.

Seclore balances security and usability by combining end-to-end encryption with the very best in enterprise digital rights management, classification, watermarking, and full-lineage tracking to protect sensitive emails and attachments.

Global visibility

Track lineage and user activity for protected emails and attachments to quickly spot unauthorized or inappropriate use.

  • View activity
  • Respond to unauthorized use
  • Monitor data sprawl
platform email global
platform email perpetua
Perpetual protection

Manage access to emails and attachments even after they’ve been delivered, downloaded, or forwarded.

  • Revoke access
  • Set an expiration
  • Watermarked view
Effortless access

Send protected emails that provide a trustworthy enterprise experience for recipients.

  • One-click email access
  • Streamlined authentication
  • In-browser viewer
platform email effortless

Integrate Seamlessly

Use your preferred email, security, productivity, and business application with Seclore to automatically protect sensitive emails and attachments with persistent visibility, granular access, and perpetual control. See all integrations.

Your email isn’t secure until it’s Seclored

Safeguard emails that contain sensitive information including any copies, downloads, or other iterations to ensure sensitive data is always protected everywhere it goes.

Meet compliance obligations without disrupting workflows

Most organizations are required to take reasonable steps to protect sensitive information sent via email, to meet their privacy and regulatory obligations. With Secure Email Encryption, organizations can meet or exceed their compliance obligations with persistent encryption, granular access rules, global tracking, and perpetual control.

Secure Email Encryption

Manage insider/third-party risk, and human error

Download the email encryption solution checklist to compare providers and find the best solution for your company.

Download the email encryption solution checklist to compare providers and find the best solution for your company.

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