Seclore API & SDKs

Extend Data Protection Beyond Your Security Software Offerings and Enterprise Applications

To support security software solution providers and organizations who want to add rights management to their business and transactional applications, Seclore has created comprehensive Software Development Kits (SDK).
The Seclore SDKs features a robust collection of APIs and rapid configuration capabilities that reduce the effort required to add persistent, granular usage controls and tracking to information as it is discovered, downloaded, classified and shared.

Types of Applications Supported by the Seclore SDK Suite

Key Capabilities

  • Configurable Endpoint Auto-Protector

    Leveraging the configurable Seclore Endpoint Auto-Protector SDK, documents can be automatically protected as they are discovered and classified.

  • Automated Protection for Service Applications

    Leveraging the Seclore Server SDK, documents can be automatically protected as they are downloaded from or uploaded through any server application – without any end user intervention.

  • Robust APIs

    The Seclore SDKs offer a complete set of RESTful APIs as web services with supporting documentation and sample code to make service calls from any platform or device.

  • Identity Federation

    End users can authenticate using the organization’s existing Identity and SSO solutions including Microsoft Active Directory, IBM Tivoli Directory, Domino LDAP, Sun ONE LDAP, and Google Authentication.

  • Policy Federation

    Makes it easy to map an application’s access policies to Seclore’s granular usage controls. The synchronization of policies ensures a streamlined and dynamic extension of file usage permissions.

  • Remote Control

    The file owner can control the usage policies even after a protected file has been shared. All changes in usage permissions take effect in real time.

  • Content Inspection of Protected Files

    Business applications, DLP, CASB, Data Classification, CCP and more, can be readily integrated with Seclore to automatically inspect content or leverage the application rules for automated protection.

  • Online Editing-as-a-Service

    Allows the business application to open and edit Seclore-protected files in a secure browser with a single click. Edited documents are saved back to the business application.

  • Integrated Auditing

    Activities performed on protected files – inside or outside the enterprise network – are centrally logged. SIEM tools can also be integrated with Seclore to centralize audit and compliance reporting.

Key Benefits

Seclore Endpoint Auto-Protector SDK

The configurable, open Seclore SDKs make it easy for you to extend the power of your solution.
Seamlessly extend your solution’s security and tracking to wherever your customers’ data travels.
Empower your customers to better secure information, address regulations, and confidently embrace innovation.
The ability to protect and audit data wherever it travels enables your customers to better comply with regulatory obligations.
Offer your customers a way to easily use best-of-breed technologies to better address their security, compliance and agility challenges.


Collaborate securely by automatically adding persistent, granular usage controls to information that leaves your enterprise applications.
Seamlessly extend your security to wherever your information travels.
Seclore’s Policy Federation eliminates the need for separate ‘policy’ management for the same information.
Govern the use of your information throughout its entire lifecycle – both within and outside your enterprise boundary.
Leverage and unify your current and future best-of-breed DLP, CASB, and Data Classification to optimize data security and audits.

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