Enterprise Data Protection Independent of Infrastructure Security

The purpose of digital infrastructure security is NOT to protect the infrastructure but to protect the data being stored, transmitted, and processed within that infrastructure. Infrastructure security across the enterprise and its extended value chain is necessary but not sufficient. Every boundary created by devices, networks, applications and people gets breached by the free flow of data.
Panel Discussion: Security Entrepreneurs Discuss the Future of Security and Its Move from Infrastructure to Data
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Data Leakage from Third Parties

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Data, a seemingly innocuous four-letter word, is exponentially gaining value. Projections suggest that by 2025, humanity’s collective data will surge to 175 zettabytes, posing a significant security threat.
External collaboration, vital for businesses, becomes risky without proper security. Unsecured third-party access to digital assets, often via unmanaged devices lacking anti-malware tech, heightens the risk of data breaches. Neglecting third-party due diligence, overlooking external data access privileges, and inadequate policy enforcement contribute to breaches. The average cost of a data breach has surged from $3.92 Mn to $4.35 Mn.
Download this infographic to comprehend the consequences of improper external collaboration and discover how Seclore Data-Centric Security prevents 100% of breaches, addressing global data breach trends and emphasizing the importance of safeguarding against data loss.

Seclore Protects Your Sensitive Data and Ensures Secure Collaboration

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“When we combine Seclore with DLP, we find that 1 + 1 is not 2 but 11 – the benefits are multi-fold. Seclore gives us peace of mind; once a document is Seclored, IT heads and CIOs don’t have to worry about it anymore.”
Bharat Forge Kalyani
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“Protecting Intellectual Property like our formula or design is important for our company and protecting our customer data is critical to our brand and reputation. Seclore Rights Management helps smooth collaboration by facilitating the safe exchange of sensitive data between the company and its partners and customers.”

Data-Centric Security is the New Data Protection

Common Scenarios Where Data-Centric Security Helps in Data Protection Are: