Integrated Security Ecosystem

Digital assets are more fluid than ever and need best-of-breed data security solutions for seamless movement across multiple collaboration platforms when your data is shared internally or externally. While bringing together multiple best-of-breed solutions is ideal, it is tedious to integrate them into a cohesive and automated infrastructure. Leverage your security investments to automate and streamline the data discovery, classification, protection, and tracking and revocation processes with the Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform.

Email & Collaboration Solutions

Microsoft 365 Applications

Cybersecurity Solutions

Together, Seclore and its security product partners offer organizations a broad set of best-of-breed solutions unified within the cohesive, automated framework of the Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform.


Gain customized insights into user activities done on classified and protected digital assets. Power your SOC and get the most out of your SIEM investments by gaining richer visibility of your digital assets.

Mobile Device Management

Collaborate securely on mobile with iOS and Android compatibility.

Seclore API

Seclore offers a robust collection of APIs and rapid configuration capabilities that reduce the effort required to add persistent, granular usage controls and tracking information as it is discovered, downloaded, classified and shared.

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