Data Compliance Solutions

No matter where your business operates, Seclore can help you comply with privacy regulations and apply security controls. Once compliance is achieved, it must also be maintained. Achieve compliance with actionable insights, automated protection, and frictionless security.

Data Privacy

Privacy regulations revolve around user consent, the purpose of data usage, and data breach control. Seclore automates data-centric security on sensitive data and tracking to achieve and maintain privacy compliance.

Cybersecurity Controls

Most countries have cybersecurity controls to protect citizens’ personal data from theft and breach. Ensure compliance with cybersecurity frameworks for effective data security. Gain continuous visibility and control of digital assets with real-time insights and the ability to revoke permissions with a single click.
The National Institute of Standards and Technology released NIST 800-171 as a set of regulations in the United States that mandates the security of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) throughout its journey for protection against cyberattacks. Learn more about how Seclore can help you comply with NIST.

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The National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) of Saudi Arabia has developed a set of essential cybersecurity controls (ECC) and data cybersecurity controls (DCC) as a national cybersecurity framework. Learn more about how Seclore can help you comply with the NCA’s ECC and DCC.

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The National Information Assurance (NIA) Policy provides a comprehensive foundation for data governance across Qatar, requiring data shared with third parties to comply with NIAP’s controls of data. Learn more about how Seclore can help you comply with the NIA Policy.

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Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) provides cybersecurity guidelines for organizations and enterprises operating in Saudi Arabia. Learn more about how Seclore can help you comply with SDAIA.

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The DPDP Act aims to protect Indian citizens’ personal data. Seclore offers a solution for data handling and privacy that complies with the legislation.

Learn how Seclore data-centric security helps organizations comply with the DPDP Act 2023.

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Industry Compliances

Enterprises in highly regulated industries must achieve and maintain compliance with industry and local regulations. Enterprises in the financial services handle vast amounts of personally identifiable information (PII), financial records, and personal health information (PHI); whereas those in manufacturing may handle sensitive and confidential IP.
Seclore helps enterprises achieve and maintain compliance with ease
Financial Services

Achieve compliance with Seclore