A Common Sense Approach to GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation passed in the European Union (EU) to ensure complete data protection. It has a strict set of regulations and penalizes the non-complying organizations heavily, up to almost 4% of their annual net revenue.
GDPR stipulates that companies, irrespective of whether within or outside of EU, must ensure complete data protection for the citizens of EU. This includes controlling who can access and use information, and respecting the citizensā€™ right to be forgotten.

Data-Centric Security & GDPR

If your organization is based in the EU or transacts with companies in the EU, then GDPR compliance is mandatory.
At its core, GDPR is about ensuring the ability to control and track data wherever it travels. A straightforward approach is to attach data-centric security to any customer information stored on your own servers and shared with third parties.
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Three Reasons Data-Centric Security is Ideal for Addressing Key Aspects of GDPR

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