Complying with General Data Protection Regulations for SDAIA

With the digital transformation and easy access and sharing of data, protecting personal data is becoming challenging. Most countries around the globe are instigated to establish laws for collecting, processing, and sharing personal data to protect individuals’ right to privacy and govern national data sovereignty.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is striving towards a new era to improve government effectiveness and transparency. With everybody moving towards the digital world, data becomes the most crucial asset, being exposed. It is vital to secure the data, prevent its leakage, and ensure that only authorized people can access it. The authorities are investing highly in data security. All the regulations focus on multiple rules and controls to cover all data security scenarios.

Role of SDAIA

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in data security for improved government effectiveness and transparency. The Kingdom has set up Interim Regulations to ensure that its internal and external entities apply stringent measures for personal data processing. The regulations also define the role of the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) and its sub-entity, the National Data Management Office (NDMO). Organizations need a new approach in securing and governing their data – both inside and outside organizational boundaries. Seclore can help entities inside and outside of KSA comply with the relevant Interim Regulations and achieve comprehensive data governance for their information.
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