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Protect Your Intellectual Property

Manufacturing processes involve sharing intellectual property data among employees and third parties. Sensitive data like drawings and designs, blueprints, and source code are prone to theft and leakage. The highly regulated sector must also comply with privacy regulations.
Read the whitepaper to learn how Seclore helps manufacturing companies protect and control their sensitive digital assets.

Digital Asset Protection and Control for the Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry is highly complex and regulated, with strict compliance requirements for handling-controlled items, data, and technologies. The global nature of the semiconductor industry and the complex supply chain increase the risk of vulnerabilities and security breaches.

Read how Seclore Data-Centric Security can help your organization ensure digital asset protection for your sensitive data.

American Car Manufacturer Protects Product Planning IP with Seclore

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A leading American car manufacturer needed to keep valuable intellectual property safe from data theft and insider threats. The car company used Seclore’s file server integration to secure documents internally and restrict external sharing. Now, company data worth millions is protected wherever it travels or resides.

Protect Financial Data & PII

Customer financial information and PII are highly confidential and valuable to malicious actors. They are also subject to strict regulations. Explore the diagram below for six key areas where your enterprise may experience increased risk for data theft and lack of compliance.
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GRC / Risk & Audit Reports

Audit reports for data security regulatory compliance such as NIST/ITAR and EAR are shared with government agencies.

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R&D / IP & New Technology

Technical specifications, drawings, roadmaps, standards and guidelines are shared with contractors, suppliers, vendors, prospects and bidders.

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QA / Reports & Incident Management

Quality control metrics and assurance reports are shared with suppliers and across business units.

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Contracts & Legal

Financial statements and projections are shared with Advisors and Partners.

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Pricing & Proposals / Bidding

Price lists for products are shared with channel partners and distributors on a regular basis. As well, pricing structures, material costs, and rate contracts are shared with prospects and bidders.

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HR / Employee Data

Employee data is shared across business units and with outsourced agencies such as payroll and benefit companies.

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The manufacturing industry is determining the best way to measure compliance with the NIST SP 800-171 regulation. Despite the measures stipulated by NIST, traditional “perimeter security” fails when sensitive IP data leaves the organization, leaving the data owners with no visibility of data. Loss of sensitive IP can produce disastrous results, even nationally.
Find out how Seclore Data-Centric Security can help you protect your IP and address NIST in this white paper.

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Protect & Control Your Intellectual Property With Seclore