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Cybersecurity and Security and Risk Management (SRM) leaders face a range of challenges when it comes to securing data and fighting misconceptions about the role of cybersecurity within the organization. These challenges include:

Poor Visibility of Data and Risk

Effective data protection starts with identifying where sensitive data is located and understanding the risks associated with it. However, many SRM leaders struggle to gain visibility into their organization’s data, making it difficult to figure out where they stand vis-à-vis their security and compliance goals. Traditional data security solutions like Data Loss Prevention (DLP) systems often only provide incident-based reporting, which means they only offer visibility into data that has already been compromised, leaving little room for recourse. This lack of visibility and insightful data can make it challenging for SRM leaders to take proactive measures to protect sensitive data and minimize the risk of non-compliance.

Perceived as Barriers to Business

Security risk is business risk. The SRM leaders know it, yet often find it challenging to get business teams to agree. Security policies without business-backing results in cybersecurity teams being perceived as barriers to business operations, rather than enablers. Security initiatives get pushed back even with the slightest friction to business operations.

Risk Insights

We are pleased to introduce Risk Insights capabilities within the Seclore platform. With the latest update, security and risk management leaders can now access three powerful dashboards – Risk, Classification, and Protection – to gain deeper insights into their organization’s sensitive data and proactively mitigate risks.

  • Classification Dashboard: The classification dashboard provides an insightful view of the sensitive assets employees use within the organization. It helps the cybersecurity teams understand how employees are categorizing the assets – documents and emails – and collaborating internally and externally on these assets. It allows the CISO’s team to gauge the effectiveness of the Security policies defined (through information like number of shows files that are classified, unclassified, downgraded, upgraded, and more.)
    Check out the Digital Asset Classification feature spotlight to learn more about Seclore Data Classification.
  • Protection Dashboard: The protection dashboard’s aim is to help the Security teams understand how internal and external users work on the sensitive protected assets. It includes highlights of time-based and geographical trends of authorized activities and unauthorized attempts to help you quickly identify potential threats and take necessary actions.
  • Risk Insights Dashboard: The Risk Insights Dashboard gives a unique perspective of current risk exposure and prevented risk to security leaders. This view helps CISOs quickly realize the top contributors to the risk and take actions to mitigate it. A risk trend over time and geography helps track progress over time and control access based on geography.

Seclore aims to help enterprises understand and protect themselves against risk and non-compliance. To understanding the risk, the Seclore platform helps you answer following questions:

  • What data is sensitive?
  • Where is the sensitive data located in the organization?
  • Who has access to the sensitive data?
  • What are the consequences of leaving this data unprotected and non-compliant?

The risk dashboard provides enterprises with a comprehensive view of the risk landscape surrounding their sensitive data. It visualizes both the current and prevented risks to the data, with prevented risk referring to the number of unauthorized attempts that have been blocked. By using the dashboard, organizations can gain insight into where their sensitive data is located worldwide and how often it is being accessed, whether authorized or not. With the ability to analyze this data for a specific period and location, the risk dashboard empowers enterprises to make data-driven decisions about how best to protect their sensitive information.

Here are a few examples of the insights displayed on the Risk and Insights Dashboard:

  • Risk trend analysis: This insight displays the trend of authorized and unauthorized activities over a selected period, helping organizations identify potential risks and take proactive measures to prevent them, or as a cue to refine policies.
  • Access attempts by country: This insight shows the countries from where authorized and unauthorized attempts were made to access sensitive data, along with the number of attempts and the percentage change over a selected period.
  • Data access by user: This insight provides information on which users have access to sensitive data and how frequently they access it, enabling organizations to identify and mitigate any potential insider threats.
  • Data usage by domain: This insight displays across which domains, including external users, authorized and unauthorized activities are taking place, including extraction activities performed on sensitive assets.


The Seclore Data-centric security platform is designed to provide enterprises with a comprehensive understanding of their sensitive data and help them protect against potential risks. With the Risk Insights capabilities, security and risk leaders can easily investigate risk areas and apply additional protections or controls to their digital assets, all from within the Seclore platform.

Risk Insights enable organizations to gain a holistic view of their sensitive data and how it is utilized by their users. The various dashboards, including the Risk, Classification, and Protection dashboards, provide SRM leaders with actionable insights that empower them to take the right steps to ensure risk mitigation and achieve compliance. With this information, SRM leaders can make informed decisions and implement effective security strategies to protect their organization’s sensitive data.

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Abhijit Tannu is advisor and co-founder at Seclore. Abhijit is a technology architect at heart and entrepreneur by profession and has contributed to the development of innovative products and applications for enterprise security. A fitness enthusiast, you can find Abhijit trekking or hiking in his spare time.

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