Adding Persistent Data Protection to Symantec DLP

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While DLP discovers and quarantines sensitive information, it is of little help when you need to share information with external partners. And it certainly is of no help in preventing leaks when it is run only in ‘monitoring’ mode.

DLP and Rights Management are highly complementary solutions. By combining the content-awareness of Symantec DLP with the persistent file-centric protection of Seclore Rights Management – information can be classified, protected, and tracked throughout its lifecycle – both within and outside your organization.

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Key Features


Improve enterprise risk management and data governance by combining DLP discovery capabilities with Seclore’s persistent file protection.


Map Symantec DLP detection policies to Seclore’s granular usage controls.


Reduces false positives during data discovery by setting DLP to read Seclore’s file classification metadata.


Experience end-to-end auditing and regulatory compliance – even for data that goes beyond your enterprise perimeter.

Demo Videos – Symantec DLP + Seclore

See how Symantec DLP and Seclore Rights Management work together to automatically detect and protect documents with granular usage controls.


The Value of Connectors

Seclore - Value of Connectors

By connecting rights management directly with existing systems (DLP, ECM, EFSS, CASB, ERP), you will dramatically accelerate the on-going protection of sensitive information and rapidly close your security gaps. Imagine turning on your rights management system and on day one, protecting hundreds of documents without employee intervention. That is the power of seamless connectivity

Customer Spolight

Major Media Company: Combining the Power of Seclore and DLP

Seclore Rights Management for DLP is enabling a major media company to seamlessly add persistent file-centric security to their DLP discovery process and reduce the risk of data loss with the addition of persistent, data-centric security. By integrating Rights Management with DLP, the organization is extending their security perimeter to wherever their intellectual property travels.



Why Automation is Key to Adoption.

Why Connectivity Matters When it Comes to Rights Management

Connecting Rights Management to existing systems (DLP, EFSS, ECM, ERP) enables organizations to automatically protect files as they are downloaded, discovered, and shared. See why connectivity is a game changer in the video.

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