Seclore Data Protection Portal


Protect Incoming Sensitive Data from Customers, Partners, and Vendors

Often overlooked is the protection of personal data or intellectual property that customers, partners, and vendors share with organizations. Not only is sensitive data exposed to being stolen from internal and external threats, but organizations today are held accountable to stricter compliance regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. The Seclore Data Protection Portal helps organizations safeguard sensitive data before it reaches employees and protects and tracks the data when shared within the organization.

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Protect Incoming Sensitive Data from
Customers, Partners, and Vendors

The Seclore Data Protection Portal automatically protects sensitive data shared through the portal with persistent, granular usage controls (view, edit, print, share). The predefined enforcement policies in the portal, configured by an administrator, are automatically attached to sensitive documents before the documents reach employees.

Submitting a Personal Document

Customers, partners, and vendors can access the portal to attach their sensitive documents to share them with employee(s) within the organization. Once the employee receives the protected documents, they are limited to the activities that are allowed on the protected files.

Creating a Template

Administrators can create templates with predefined security policies based on the sensitivity of the document. Employees then select the appropriate template to send to customers, partners, or vendors to securely attach their sensitive documents.

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Seclore Data Protection Portal Datasheet
Protect incoming sensitive data from customers, partners, and vendors before your employees receive it.


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