Data-centric Security Solutions for the Enterprise

Data is the lifeblood of your organization, and data security solutions should be top of mind for any CISO. Compliance mandates are only becoming more stringent, while data breaches continue to increase in regularity. According to recent research, 52% of organizations have suffered a data breach in the last two years, showing the scale of the problem facing security teams has only increased.

It doesn’t help that your enterprise data is no longer fully under your control. Between hybrid and remote work, collaboration with far-flung offices, and the use of cloud services, the data that’s critical to running your business is not easy to control.

Cloud data security solutions especially are crucial with more data stored in public and private cloud services and thus more vulnerable to misconfigurations and actual exposures.

Data security solutions are thus a prerequisite for the modern era. Keeping enterprise data safe means that organizations can continue to operate and achieve their goals. As part of doing that, CISOs and others need to adopt a data-centric security approach rather than one emphasizing the perimeter of the enterprise.

The Data Security Gap

The modern enterprise operates on the free flow of data. The rise of hybrid and remote work, integration with partner organizations worldwide, and increase in cloud usage means that more data is on the move than ever before.

As your data moves beyond the edge of your network, that data also moves beyond your control. This creates a widening security gap between the perimeter-based methodologies of endpoint protection tools, network defenses, and cloud security solutions. This “data security gap” means that your data is at risk from data theft, IP theft, ransomware, and insider threats.

That’s only the security risks. From the compliance perspective, the risk of regulatory non-compliance includes fines, penalties and other fees alongside business disruption and reputational damage.

The data security gap thus has far broader implications than opening up your organization to cyber threats. You need a data security solution that’s designed to streamline compliance as well as ensure protection from threat actors.

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Data Security Gap: Data fuels modern business and yours is on the move
Data Security Gap: Beyond the edge of your network
Data Security Gap: Beyond the edge of your control

Why Data Security Needs to Change

Data is currency in the modern era, and threat actors who exfiltrate that information are akin to bank robbers in the early 20th century. Most data security solutions, like data loss prevention, operate through the principles of perimeter-based defense. Network, endpoint, and cloud security tools are all predicated on creating a perimeter around your data and preventing its exfiltration.

The problem is that many organizations don’t know where all their data is located. By 2025, 85% of organizations will be “cloud first,” and 60% of enterprise data is currently stored in the cloud. This is wonderful for organizational flexibility because business information can be accessed through a web browser. It’s also problematic because of how simple it is for business users to spin up a new cloud instance.

Line of business teams can sign up for cloud storage and other services. This addition of new possibilities for where data could be located creates a data security gap and more organizational risk. An effective data security solution helps with identifying where relevant data is stored, and then ensures that data follows all relevant data protection and data privacy regulations.

Closing the data security gap requires putting protection as close to the data as possible. This is why Seclore has adopted a data-centric approach to defending enterprise data. With defenses as near to the data as possible, your valuable information is protected no matter where it goes.

The Seclore Data-Centric Approach

Data-centric security involves protecting any user, any device, any app, and any cloud regardless of business unit. This class of data security solutions sits between the perimeter and external data partners, providing continuous protection and insights into data usage no matter where the information goes.

With the average cost of a data breach reaching $4.35 million according to recent data, securing your enterprise against exfiltration is crucial. The problem is that most enterprise data security solutions focus on preventing entry into the relevant systems. Once threat actors bypass those perimeter-based protection tools, they have almost unfettered access to business-critical information.

Seclore takes a different approach. Our data-centric security solution focuses protection at the data level instead of at the perimeter. Imagine a criminal broke into a bank vault and only found checks written out to customers instead of usable cash. They would be unable to easily take that cash – in this analogy the cash is your data – and reuse it elsewhere.

With Seclore’s approach to data security, your data is protected no matter where it goes. Seclore secures digital assets across any user, any device, any app, and any cloud through its Know, Protect, Control model.


Exactly what’s shared and where your data is

  • Risk insights and trends
  • Access patterns and usage analytics
  • Location awareness
Seclore Data-Centric Security: Know, Protect, and Control your Digital Assets
Know Protect Control


Exactly what’s shared and where your data is

  • Risk insights and trends
  • Access patterns and usage analytics
  • Location awareness


Every single asset wherever it goes

  • Policy management
  • Dynamic watermarking
  • Classification labeling
  • AES256 bit encryption


Who has control and revoke it at any time

  • Granular access control
  • Real-time access revocation
  • Dynamic policy federation

Know Your Data Security Risk

The first critical component of the Seclore data security solution is knowing your data security risk. Insight into the location of all your data – regardless of on-premises or cloud storage – is crucial if you want to truly understand the risk of a breach. Seclore provides this deep insight, including risk insights and interactive dashboards.

This insight into your risk is especially vital as compliance costs increase. According to Forbes, it costs up to $10,000 per employee at large enterprises to maintain compliance, and costs are only projected to increase. You need to know where your risk is to ensure you maintain regulatory compliance and reduce the risk of a breach.

Seclore’s data-centric security approach empowers you with risk insights into your data, including location awareness so you know where data is being accessed from and when, as well as intelligence into access patterns and usage analytics. These facets of Seclore’s platform ensures that you can understand exactly what is shared when and where your data is at any given time.

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Protect Your Sensitive Data

Protecting sensitive data is the primary purpose of data security solutions. Data loss prevention and data encryption solutions have been around for many years, but often lack organizational flexibility or fidelity. Further, the rise of cloud data storage means that endpoint- and network-based data security tools are not enough.

The Seclore platform allows you to manage data security policies regardless of where the data is stored. Dynamic watermarking and digital asset classification further allows for greater flexibility in policies. Classification especially enables you to readily understand which files need tighter controls or would be riskier if they were exfiltrated.

This also includes enterprise digital rights management (EDRM) capabilities with automated or manual protection methods, and control over data protection regardless of where the data resides. Ultimately, the Seclore data-centric approach means that security is deployed as close to the data as possible.

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Control Over Data Access and Permissions

A data-centric approach to security must also include tight control over access privileges. Without tight access controls, organizations are at substantial risk of a security incident turning into a major data breach. The Seclore platform includes granular usage access control that ensures you can define:

The Necessity of Data Security Solutions

Data is the lifeblood of your organization. Defending it with the most advanced data-centric solution should be first priority of any organization. With data secured, and the flexibility to manage access, know your risk, and protect your data no matter where it resides, Seclore offers peace of mind to security professionals like you.

A data security solution like Seclore reduces risk, ensures compliance, and ultimately allows your organization to get back to doing what they do best.

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