Secure Sensitive Customer Information Shared Across and Outside of Your Organization

Seclore Data Security Solutions

Sharing sensitive information such as customer data is a key part of doing business in the banking world. Emails and files containing private and highly regulated data are regularly sent to business units, vendors, partners and outsourced agencies. These scenarios pose a compliance risk if data is breached or misused when not in your possession. Learn how Seclore can help you secure files so your employees can share sensitive information freely with no risk to your bank.

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Data-Centric Security to Protect Your PII

There are many areas where sensitive data can be leaked. Scroll over the six departments in the diagram below to see where your bank may be vulnerable to data loss.

Customer Service
Audit & Compliance
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Find out how to address GDPR with Data-Centric Security.

Meet Compliance with Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform

Regardless of where your clients’ data resides, personally identifiable information is subject to such regulations as PCI-DSS and GDPR.

Seclore’s Data-Centric Security Platform helps ensure that your information is always secure, even when you need to share data with external agencies and outsource partners. This ‘protection wherever information goes’, is a key requirement in many of the new regulations.

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An interview with GDPR expert Robin Basham from EnterpriseGRC about how data-centric security can help organizations address core aspects of GDPR compliance.


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