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Digital Asset Protection & Control for Banking

Sharing sensitive information, such as customer data, is crucial for the banking industry. Emails and files containing private and highly regulated data travel across business units, vendors, partners, and outsourced agencies. The challenge with outsourcing and external collaboration is that the bank loses control once these third parties receive sensitive information.
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Protect Financial Data & PII

Customer financial information and PII are highly confidential and valuable to malicious actors. They are also subject to strict regulations. Explore the diagram below for six key areas where your enterprise may experience increased risk for data theft and lack of compliance.
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GRC / Risk & Audit Reports

Risk and audit reports contain highly confidential corporate statistics, financial data, sales data, foreign exchange information, operational metrics and more that are shared across business units.

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Research / Reports

Internal and client research containing prime intellectual property and drafts are shared across different departments and office locations for approval.

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Customer Service / Statements

Investment holding statements, performance summaries, net asset value documents, transition confirmations, payment and settlement files, and accounting information is shared across multiple departments.

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Finance / M&A / Board / Contracts / Legal

Audit reports, financial documents, briefing packs and meeting minutes are shared with the Board and advisors outside the company network.

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Outsourcing / Customer Data

Statement information is shared with third party printing vendors.

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HR / Employee Data

Employee data is shared across business units and with outsourced agencies such as payroll and benefit companies.

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Why the Banking Sector Requires Digital Asset Protection and Control

A typical large bank or credit card company collaborates with more than 20,000 third parties and partners.Studies have shown that banks and financial institutions are 300 times more likely to be targeted by cyber attackers than any other sector. Also, banks pay the highest cost of a data breach – $18.3 Million per annum per company.

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Banking & Financial Regulations and Compliance

Seclore helps banks and financial institutions achieve and maintain compliance

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