Protect Sensitive Data from Insider Threat

In a recent Insider Threat report, 70% of organizations surveyed said insider attacks are becoming more frequent. And 56% respondents said that detecting insider threats is harder since migrating to the cloud. When proper controls are not in place to mitigate insider threats to sensitive data, companies risk financial losses, fines, and damage to their reputation.

Are You at Risk for Data Loss?

Trusted insiders in organizations have access to the keys in the kingdom as they have unchecked access to sensitive data. And in the cloud, organizations may not have visibility or may not be even aware of their sensitive data’s physical location. Your data might be under ‘Insider Threat’ risk if:

How Seclore Helps Mitigate Insider Threat

Insiders can be employees, former employees, contractors, partners, or inside agents with access to your secure systems. Because they are authorized to access systems, it can be difficult to discover when a security breach has occurred. Seclore helps prevent insider risks by automatically attaching persistent, granualar access and usage controls to emails and documents regardless of the device, network, or application. Seclore can also track activities on a protected document in real-time and revoke access at any time to ensure your data is safe. Seclore makes it easy to centrally define, modify, and audit granular usage controls including:

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