Protect Intellectual Property Wherever It Travels or Resides

Intellectual property (IP) gives your organization a competitive edge. However, storing IP in unsecured locations, on the cloud, or in emails increases the chances of theft and external leaks that may put your organization at risk. With Seclore, we empower you to secure your intellectual property by enabling security to travel with your data wherever it goes.

IP is Most Vulnerable to Data Theft

Intellectual property is usually the most susceptible to being stolen and directly impacts an organization’s competitive advantage, customer trust, and market reputation. There are several common ways IP can be compromised:

Delivering Protection of Your Intellectual Property

Seclore Rights Management enables you to add persistent, granular usage control to intellectual property in emails and documents regardless of the file format or location. And Seclore allows you to track the activities on your IP documents while empowering you to modify or revoke access to users, at any time, to avoid information being shared with competitors. Seclore helps:

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