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7 Ways How Seclore’s Email Protector Provides Best-in-Class Email Security

Emails are the heart of the communication of any organization. An average employee sends 40 emails per day for business purposes. 70% of the emails sent contains sensitive information. With more and more businesses adopting cloud-based email systems like Microsoft 365 for business communication, maintaining email security standards remains a challenge.

Why should the security and risk leaders worry?

To mitigate this risk of a data breach via email, IT leaders have deployed static email DLP solutions. However, 42% of IT leader respondents have reported that the DLP tools cannot detect even half of all incidents. This proves that their effectiveness is limited.

The other reason is that the solutions built for on-premises email solutions are no longer enough as the attacks have become much more sophisticated, requiring native cloud-based email security solutions.

Here’s what Gartner has to say:

“The solutions and controls were put in place for on-premises email solutions are no longer enough.”

Source: Market Guide, Email Security, Gartner, 2020

What do organizations need to do?

Organizations need a more holistic approach to data-centric security to ensure that the emails are protected within the cloud and beyond the organization’s perimeter. Hence, in addition to email encryption and DLP tools, they need to make sure that the security of the email travels along with it, no matter where the email is accessed from.

Here’s what Gartner has to say:

“As organizations continue to migrate to cloud email, the need to re-evaluate email security is even greater.”

Source: Market Guide, Email Security, Gartner, 2020

Seclore Email Protector for Microsoft 365

To tackle email security in the cloud and beyond, Seclore offers new-age email protection capabilities for Microsoft 365. The Seclore add-in allows you to:

  • protect your email and attachments
  • assign granular permissions such as read, edit, print, etc.
  • select expiry date
  • define the taxonomy of your emails and attachments

The 7 ways how Seclore benefits your organization

Seclore Email Protector for Microsoft 365 provides the best-in-class Data-Centric Security for email collaboration in Microsoft 365 environments. Here’s why you should consider it when evaluating your email security strategy:

  1. Zero Friction in Authentication

Since the user is logged in to Outlook, users do not need to log in again. The add-in fits right into Microsoft 365 and provides a single sign-on (SSO) experience.

  1. Zero Limitations on Mac devices

While there are limitations with the existing Seclore solutions regarding the platforms they work with on Mac, the new add-in works on both the Intel and the M1 architecture provided by Apple. It also works for both the UI variants for Classic and the new Outlook UI on Mac.

  1. Ease of Use

The Seclore Email Protector is easy to use and doesn’t need hours of training. This is because it is built with familiar user controls and interactions, as per the Microsoft guidelines, to give your organization’s employees a superior user experience.

  1. Agentless Access

Since all the advanced features are now available on the Web, the add-in works with any modern browser, and hence, there is no need to install an agent.

  1. Minimal IT Overhead

The add-in will appear for all the users once it is activated from the Azure admin account. External users will go through a simplified onboarding journey once they receive a protected document, which will help you achieve automatic user provisioning.

  1. User-based controls

Users can assign granular permissions to the recipients, allowing them complete control over whether recipients can view, edit, print, or share sensitive information.

  1. Secure Collaboration

As the email is protected in the cloud and beyond, it allows users to collaborate securely with internal and external users

Last Words

Attackers constantly find newer ways to access your organization’s sensitive information across emails and collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, and OneDrive. Organizations need to make sure that data shared via internal and external emails, as well as collaboration tools, is secure and at the same time provide a seamless experience for the users.

It is essential to provide users with an additional layer of security to enable the flexibility and control to collaborate with the assurance that their data is always protected.

Seclore for M365 is committed to your organization’s security needs by integrating with the Microsoft productivity suite to provide the best-in-class data protection.




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