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Do Away with Legacy Applications: Reduce Data Breaches and More

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Application Modernization: The Need of the Hour

The ever-changing dynamics of the market are posing unique challenges to businesses. While, on the one hand, the employees are changing the work culture one desk at a time, the customer expectations are disrupting the market in huge waves. These two aspects have strongly emphasized the need for businesses to speed up their digital transformation. One of the crucial aspects of digital transformation is application modernization.

Application modernization is the repurposing of the legacy software system to align it more closely with the current business needs. It allows businesses to create new features and services to suit the current feature goals while still deriving value from the legacy systems.

Here are some stats to emphasize the need for application modernization:

  • Due to dependence on legacy systems, 90% of the businesses fail to harness the full potential of digital technologies.
  • Over 80% of respondents to a survey reveal that avoiding modernization of their IT systems can negatively affect their organization’s growth.

In a recent survey, about 87% of CIOs of their organizations stated that legacy systems are more vulnerable to data breaches. This is because of their incompatibility with the security upgrades and authentication methods.

As a data security company, we are more interested in showcasing how application modernization influences an organization’s data security scenario.

Amplifying Data Security with Seclore’s Application Modernization

Seclore has now converted its legacy applications into a modern application for improved reliability and scalability. Seclore’s application modernization includes upgrading Seclore’s legacy applications into docker containers with modern infrastructure, architecture, and features.

Application Modernization
Seclore’s Application Modernization

Why Should You Consider Using Seclore’s Modernized Architecture for Your Business?

Faster Upgrades & Stronger Security Build

A modernized application is built using the foundation of the legacy system and has a more robust structure fit to deal with the lingering threat of cyberattacks.

Stronger Build
Strong Security Build

According to a Symantec report, outdated applications are more vulnerable to security threats and data breaches. Modernized applications are designed to quickly update themselves with the latest security fixes to combat critical vulnerabilities.

Upgrading to Seclore’s modern technology helps you gain a competitive edge and provide up to 70% faster access to the latest features and security updates, including immediate fixes to critical vulnerabilities like Apache Log4j vulnerability and many more.

As a result, your enterprise digital infrastructure is now more robust, giving you a more competitive edge.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

A modernized application requires lower maintenance, resulting in fewer “experts” to maintain the system and less frequent troubleshooting.

Moving to Seclore cloud or Linux-based Docker containers can significantly help you lower the following:

  • Maintenance Cost
  • Infrastructure License Cost
  • Recourse Cost
Lower TCO
Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Containerization means upgrades are easy and faster. This is a big deal! Now, you need fewer experts to “maintain” the system and lower downtime. This also means significantly fewer errors due to automation, resulting in less troubleshooting time. For businesses using Seclore on-premise, Linux systems ensure lower licensing and maintenance costs compared to Windows.

Businesses using Seclore on the cloud can get all the benefits automatically as Seclore manages everything.

Plan Your Migration to Seclore’s Modern Architecture Now

What has changed?

Earlier, upgrading the Seclore legacy application needed more investments, and hence its frequency was fewer, resulting in customers being unable to experience new features early enough. Now with containers, upgrades are more accessible and faster with lesser investments.

How can one move to Seclore’s Modernized Application?

Moving from a legacy system to modern architecture is about changing organizational mindset and scaling technology.

There are two ways to move to Seclore’s modern and containerized application:

  • Move to Seclore Cloud: Leave all the application and infrastructure management to Seclore and immediately get the latest features and security fixes.
  • Move to Seclore On-Premise Modern Application: Automatically upgrade to the Modernized App on Linux and enjoy the benefits of the lower total cost of ownership in your environment.

Seclore is a dynamic organization and customer-oriented, which always strives to offer the best security solution. Our aim is to enhance the end-user experience, increase cost efficiency, and ensure zero data breaches with our modernized application.

To know more, book a demo with us or write to us at

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