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[Feature Update] Bridging the Security and Usability Gap

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The inherent nature of security products is intrusion and friction – they impair specific effortless, usable workflows that end users are most comfortable with. Security vs. Usability is the question that every product needs to answer, especially if you are a Security Product. 😊

Seclore’s Digital Right Management (DRM) technology ensures that security travels with the data wherever it goes. The data carries security, regardless of how and where the user accesses it – any platform, device, geolocation, or time. This enforcement of granular control restricts user operations, which comes at the cost of usability.

Seclore has earned the trust of the government, military, and some of the largest enterprises globally – the product’s security capability has always been par excellence. The Infra Teams (IT), Information & Cybersecurity departments, and Compliance and Regulations teams love Seclore.

For products to be deployed and adopted throughout the enterprise, they should be easy to roll out, use, and manage. i.e., admins and business users must love the product. That’s how Seclore measures its success.

Usability and frictionless adoption have been Seclore’s primary focus areas in the last few years. This requirement has driven many impactful user-centric innovations. Here are a few recent ones:

Seclore Online Editor

An agentless, browser-based editor came to life a couple of years ago and allowed users to access Seclore-protected files with a single click—no agent/plugin installations needed! (For those who still preferred accessing files on the desktop natively, Seclore had the admin-less, non-intrusive agent.) This drastically reduced friction due to software conflict and agent roll-out challenges, and organizations were good to go from day one.

Innovation: Faster Seclore Online Editor
Dont waitIn July ’22, Seclore introduced its faster-ever Seclore Online. With approximately 30 % improvement in file-open duration, users now need to wait for fewer seconds to access their secure document online. Customers with Seclore deployed on-premises will see this improvement in their next upgrade. However, Seclore Cloud customers will get this sooner.

Mobile Access

Seclore’s applications on mobile devices (Android, iOS, and MDM-enabled) enable users to work on their sensitive protected documents on the go! Sensitive information in the email body often is in the form of tabulation of data and analysis. Sometimes, these tables do not display well on small mobile screens, leaving irate users scrolling without context.

PinchInnovation: Pinch to Zoom
A small but impactful innovation, Seclore added the Iconic Multi-touch Pinch-to-Zoom support in its mobile apps in Q2 of 2022. Now, executives, employees, partners, and anyone can view Seclore-protected email messages effortlessly.

Multilingual Seclore

Seclore’s users protect and access sensitive documents all around the world. Seclore’s users have had the flexibility to choose between English, Spanish or Russian based on their preference and location.

Innovation: Canadian French & Brazilian Portuguese
OiBonjourSeclore has now expanded its reach further. Folks who prefer interacting in Canadian French and Brazilian Portuguese can now use Seclore too! Seclore introduced support for both these languages in the first half of 2022. You can now “Seclore-It” in 5 languages.

Usability vs. Security will always remain a tough choice. The gap is narrowing through smart innovations like these and many more coming in the next few weeks. Large-scale adoption of security and compliance products can be achieved provided they are easy to roll out, use and manage. An organization can achieve this by keeping the user at the center of the product design, and Seclore is doing just that.

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