[Infographic] Is Your Semiconductor Data Safe from Malicious Insiders?

Malicious insiders are current or former employees/business associates with privileged access to sensitive data and misuse it for financial or personal incentives. This threat becomes more complex when the bad actors misuse the organization’s sensitive data on the cloud because cloud data is often harder to track.

Malicious Insiders pose a significant threat to organizations of all kinds. According to a security study conducted by Ponemon Institute with 1004 IT security practitioners associated with 278 organizations, malicious insiders caused 26% of the incidents at an average cost of $648K per incident.

The semiconductor industry is vital to leaders across sectors of the global economy. The chips produced by this industry are used in a wide range of products, from computers and cell phones to automobiles and medical devices. The increasing amount of exfiltration attacks – data losses due to leakage by malicious insiders – has expedited the need to protect semiconductor data from leaving the organization.

Download this infographic to learn more about:

  • Threats due to malicious insiders
  • Scenarios leading to malicious insiders
  • Statistics showing the damage malicious insiders cause to organizations worldwide
  • Optimum solutions for insider threat protection

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