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New Study Highlights How EDRM Can Enable Organizations to Embrace Innovation

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While we know from our prospects and customers that data security is a top-of-mind concern, recent research from ESG, a noted analyst and research firm, quantifies how concerns about security are stunting investments in crucial innovative technologies and services.

Finding #1: Concerns with data security is limiting our investments and support of EFSS (58%); personal mobile devices (52%); and outsourced services (40%)
Another key findings:  Organizations are concerned with the security of files and data that are sent outside of the company to advisors, partners, contractors and outsourcers.

Finding #2: 98 % of those polled said that data loss is a top-of-mind concern when it comes to external collaboration.
The research also shows that while email was previously the primary method for sharing information beyond the perimeter, organizations now need to control additional methods for sharing files including the growing use of Enterprise File Synch and Share solutions.

Finding #3: 92% of those polled said their employees are using more than one EFSS solution to share information.
Many companies are looking at EDRM to improve their confidence in the adoption of innovative technologies and outsourcing.

Finding #4:  69% of those surveyed are looking to invest in or augment/refresh existing EDRM solutions in the next 12 months.
I encourage you to read the ESG report [link to landing page] and find out more about how your peers are looking to leverage data-centric security in the age of growing external collaboration.

Abhijit Tannu

Abhijit Tannu is advisor and co-founder at Seclore. Abhijit is a technology architect at heart and entrepreneur by profession and has contributed to the development of innovative products and applications for enterprise security. A fitness enthusiast, you can find Abhijit trekking or hiking in his spare time.

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