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One-Click Protection in Microsoft Office

Securing Sensitive Documents within the Application

One of the most critical assets essential to an organization is its proprietary data – data used to create a competitive advantage. Proprietary data is not limited to trade secrets and intellectual property but also data where the organization is the only one to possess it.

Microsoft Office files store a large percentage of proprietary data in Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel workbooks. The need to protect sensitive data within Office files has been and will remain one of the most important use cases in safeguarding proprietary data.

The Challenge with Data Protection

blog 20200901 img1 400x364 1When we talk about sensitive data within an organization, its vulnerability exists throughout the entire lifecycle. From the moment a document is created to when it is archived or deleted, it’s at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

A best practice is to require the protection of documents upon creation. Ideally, protecting sensitive documents upon creation by automatically scanning the document’s content and adding data protection policies would be most efficient. However, in reality, scanning a document takes time to complete. Hence, a more practical way to protect sensitive documents upon creation is to enable the document owner to add security policies when they create the document. Having the document owner apply the data protection is also more efficient as they are the best judges of the document’s sensitivity.

Another best practice in protecting sensitive data is having document owners apply usage controls for stakeholders based on their needs and setting a time frame for accessing the document. Usage controls and expiry dates protect the document when in use and after a project ends, which is important when collaborating with third parties outside the organization such as contractors. However, user friction can occur when many steps are required to add data protection resulting in low user adoption. And lower user adoption means sensitive documents go unprotected.

Seclore InApp Protection in One Click
Seclore InApp Protection solves the challenge of protecting sensitive documents when created and after it is shared with others. Seclore does this by enabling document owners to protect a sensitive document with One-Click Protection within standard Microsoft Office files.

Whenever a document owner creates a new MS Office document, a “Seclore It” button is accessible in the ‘Home’ tab of the Office ribbon. When the document owner clicks the Seclore It button, they ensure the sensitive document will be protected once it is closed.

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If the document owner wants to add usage permissions to the protected document before its shared with other stakeholders, they can enable the Seclore Smart Sharing feature. Smart Sharing provides recipients access, view and edit to the protected document when shared via email.

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The document owner can also choose to apply security controls to the protected document by clicking on the notification that appears after it is closed.

blog 20200901 img4 600x415 1Takeaway
Protecting a document is like inoculating a child. The best time for a vaccination is when they are born. Similarly, the best time to protect your data is at the time of its creation.

Learn more about Seclore Rights Management.

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