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Seclore Unveils a New Look: Rebranding Initiative Reflects Commitment to Data-Centric Security Solutions

Notice anything new about Seclore?

After careful consideration, we have undergone a branding initiative, which includes a new visual identity and messaging!

In today’s digital age, where information is the most valuable asset for organizations, securing data has become more critical than ever. Seclore’s solutions are designed to protect data wherever it goes, both inside and outside the organization’s boundaries. With the rebranding initiative, we’ve aimed to align our visual identity with our brand promise to provide our customers with comprehensive and reliable data-centric security solutions.

The rebranding initiative is not just limited to the visual identity but also includes a new website and updated messaging. The website features a modern design, intuitive navigation, and informative content, providing visitors with a seamless user experience. The messaging emphasizes the importance of data-centric security and how Seclore’s solutions can help organizations protect their data while allowing them to collaborate and share information securely.

“We are excited to announce our rebranding initiative, which reflects our commitment to providing reliable and comprehensive data-centric security solutions to our customers. Our new visual identity and messaging align with our brand promise and represent our values and vision,” said Isaac Roybal, CMO of Seclore. “We believe our new branding will help us better communicate our message to our stakeholders and position us as a leader in the data-centric security space.”

Our branding initiative represents a significant milestone for the company, reflecting our values, vision, and commitment to providing our customers with reliable and comprehensive data-centric security solutions. With the new visual identity and messaging, we aim to strengthen our position as a leader in the data-centric security space and continue to provide innovative solutions to help organizations secure their data and unleash their full potential.

Celine Rosak is a seasoned marketing professional passionate about building exceptional brands. Currently, she serves as the Director of Corporate Marketing and Brand at Seclore, where she leads the development and implementation of marketing strategies that enhance brand awareness and drive business growth. Prior to joining Seclore, Celine was responsible for corporate and employer branding at ExtraHop, a leading cybersecurity firm. In her free time, you can find Celine rifling through antique malls for hidden treasures and exploring Seattle's vibrant culinary scene.

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