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The Imperative to Build Security Around Security – TechStrong TV Interview

Seclore CEO Vishal Gupta recently joined TechStrong TV co-founder and CEO Alan Shimel to discuss the importance of building security around data.

Vishal explained that data security had become a critical issue for businesses as more data is being created and shared. With the increasing frequency of cyber-attacks and data breaches, organizations must prioritize data security to protect their assets and maintain their reputation. Watch the interview for valuable insights into data security challenges and the importance of adopting a data-centric approach to protect sensitive information.

TechStrongTV Seclore Interview

One of the key challenges with data security is ensuring that sensitive information is only accessible by authorized users. Vishal highlighted that traditional perimeter-based security solutions are insufficient as data is no longer confined to a single location or device. He emphasizes the importance of adopting a data-centric security approach that protects the data rather than just the devices or networks.

Vishal also stresses the importance of user awareness and training in data security. He explains that employees are often the weakest link in data security, and organizations must invest in educating their workforce on best practices for handling sensitive information.

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