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There is no Such Thing as a ‘Rare’ File Format

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File sharing today is being increasingly democratized. Everyone is sharing files with everyone else – from any location, from any device, at any time. In fact, a large number of these files travel outside your corporate network. Studies show that the average organization shares documents with 826 external domains.

These files may often contain confidential information that you want to keep out of prying eyes. Many of these confidential files might be of a ‘rare’ file format, or a format that is very specific to your industry, such as a CAD drawing or a video file. Don’t all these files need to be secured as much as MS Office or PDF files?

Consider the following examples of file sharing across borders (both geographical and network):

  • Design specifications shared with outsourced manufacturers and fabricators
  • Engineering drawings, standards, and guidelines shared with subsidiaries or partners – perhaps in countries with weaker legal and regulatory frameworks
  • Machine assembly videos and demos shared with partners for the construction and assembly of a plant
  • Deposition videos shared with the Corporate Legal team from a branch office – or the other way around
  • Training videos for a new product shared with branch offices and agents of an insurance company
  • Call records that have to be submitted as evidence by a regional office for a litigation case
  • Confidential files of propriety formats sent to teams across the world or to vendors

All the cases above involve specific and uncommon file formats – AutoCAD drawings, multimedia files – that are not supported by most security products.

How often do you feel frustrated when IT tells you that this format cannot be secured because it is not supported? You use numerous security tools – and none of them are able to offer the required security for all formats!

All Format Support  

At Seclore, we understand that every organization may have different file formats they want to protect. What is ‘rare’ for one company might be very common for another.

Our strategy is exactly the opposite of ‘one size fits all’: we believe that every customer is unique and has unique requirements. Seclore Rights Management supports more than 60 file formats for ‘Advanced’ protection i.e. protection that covers all 4 types of controls:

  • WHO can access the information: Users or groups
  • WHAT each user/group can do: Viewing, editing, printing, copy/paste of content, taking screen captures, running macros etc.
  • WHEN each user/group can perform these actions: Specific date and time range.
  • WHERE it can be used: A specific computer/device, a single IP address, or a range of addresses.

All other formats – which includes AutoCAD drawings, multimedia files, propriety formats, or any other format – can be secured with ‘Basic’ protection controls, which cover:

  • WHO can access the information: Users or groups
  • WHEN each user/group can perform these actions: Specific date and time range.
  • WHERE it can be used: A specific computer/device, a single IP address, or a range of addresses.

Supporting Any File

Seclore’s ‘Any File’ Protection feature allows you to protect files of any format in the world. Along with award-winning Rights Management, this feature offers:

  • Truly Comprehensive Protection: Secure every file in your enterprise with one security tool
  • Advanced Protection (WHO, WHAT, WHEN WHERE) applied to the most common file formats (MS Office, PDF, CSV etc.)
  • Basic Protection (WHO, WHEN, WHERE) applied to all other file formats
  • Dynamic Permissions, Remote Control, and Auditing available for all files – regardless of format
  • Basic Protection also provides identity-based file encryption – which is more robust than key-based encryption or passwords

Many a security project have failed or stopped short of expectations due to a ‘rare’ file format. With ‘Any File’ protection, you’ll never have to worry about a file going out unprotected again.

Vishal Gupta 2024

Vishal comes with more than a decade of experience in sales, marketing and business management. He is the Founder and CEO of Seclore and handles corporate development, investor relations and strategic vision.
Vishal is an IIT Bombay (Electrical Engineering) graduate and a specialist in biometric security systems. His ideation in fingerprint imaging led to the development of the core technology behind Herald Logic, a company he founded in 2000. The company showed record 220% CAGR, spreading to Singapore, Australia and UK.
Vishal is also an active participant in physics activities with the IAPT (Indian Association of Physics Teachers) and NSEP (National Standard Examination in Physics), he is amongst the top 1% in the country in physics.
He is an active sports person, a keen blogger on information security solutions and an intrepid speaker at various information security forum.

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