Case Study

Seclore helps a global financial institution securely migrate millions of documents to Microsoft 365


The Challenge

Securely migrating to Microsoft 365

One of the world’s leading financial institutions needed to replace its existing “sync and share” file solution. The system lacked real-time coauthoring capability and was often offline during business hours. Users couldn’t access important files when they needed them.
The company chose to migrate to Microsoft 365. For maximum security, they needed to add a third-party independent solution to secure their data both during and after the migration.
Without it, a data breach could put their customers’ financial information at risk, including personally identifiable information (PII) like credit card account transaction summaries, grievance reports, and log files.
Additional security would also ensure compliance with data protection regulations for the 90+ countries the financial company operates in.
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The Solution

Securing PII during and after a cloud migration with Seclore

Seclore’s data-centric security solution integrated with Symantec Network Discover to automatically locate and secure exposed confidential data stored on local network fileservers before the migration.
During the cloud migration, Seclore integrated with Skyhigh Security CASB to real-time identify any additional sensitive documents and encrypt them instantly so that any sensitive data containing client’s personal identifiable information (PII) would be secured in Microsoft 365.
This two-pronged approach ensured that all customer information was safe leading up to, during, and after the migration to Microsoft 365.
Now that the files are migrated, Seclore’s granular access controls wrap files with fine-tuned usage controls. This gives the financial institution complete control over who can access a file while also limiting features like printing or screen captures, restricting access on certain devices or locations, and setting automatic expiration dates for individual files. They can also track individual activity on files and emails to trace attempted data breaches back to their source.

The Results

Millions of documents protected in Microsoft Cloud

With Seclore, the financial institution was able to protect and migrate millions of documents to Microsoft 365. On average, an additional 500,000 new documents each month get secured automatically as they are added to the cloud, and 60,000 unauthorized data access attempts are prevented.
Seclore also ensures compliance with data protection regulations like the GDPR and CCPA, while still facilitating easy access to data and collaboration across the organization.

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