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How To Open a Seclore-Protected File

Welcome to Seclore. If you have received a file protected with Seclore and are unsure how to open it, you have come to the right place! Seclore is used to ensure only authorized users have access to sensitive information.
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How to open a Seclore-protected file on an Android phone

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You need

  1. An Internet connection on your mobile device.
  2. The Seclore app installed on your Android phone or tablet.

If you don’t have the app, install it now.

Steps to open email

choose one 1 2 1 Go to the protected email in your email app.


choose one 2 2 You will find an attachment with the ‘.smail.html’ extension. Tap on this attachment.


choose one 3 2In the list of apps that are available to open it, tap on ‘Seclore’.


choose one 4 2You will be asked for your email ID. If you’re an employee, enter your work email ID. If you’re a vendor or business partner, enter the email ID you use to communicate with this organization.


choose one 5Follow the system prompts to log in successfully. The email will open in the Seclore app.


Replying to the Email

choose one 1 2 1You can reply to this email within the Seclore app itself.


choose one 2 2A copy of your reply will be sent your inbox as well.


Steps to Open a Protected Attachment

choose one 1 2 1Go back to the protected email in your email app.


choose one 2 2If there is an attachment whose extension is NOT ‘smail.html’, tap on it.


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In the list of apps that are available to open this file, tap on ‘Seclore’. The file will open in the Seclore app.

choose one 4 2If the owner of the file has given you the right permissions, you will be able to edit the file.


choose one 5Any changes you make will be saved automatically, and you will receive an updated copy on email.


For more help, refer to the Android Help Guide.

For further help, write to support@seclore.com or
log a ticket at support.seclore.com