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Securing Data Beyond the Perimeter: Why DLPs and Firewalls Aren’t Enough Anymore

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Imagine this: you’ve invested heavily in perimeter security – firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention, and data-loss prevention systems, the whole nine yards. Your data sits snuggly within your network, protected by an impenetrable digital moat. But a rogue employee sneaks a USB drive out the door, loaded with confidential client records. Or a hacker digs deep into your system (HPE, for example), exfiltrating critical intellectual property to a hidden server across the globe. In these scenarios, your robust perimeter defenses crumble like sandcastles under a tidal wave. Welcome to the age of data-centric security, where the focus shifts from guarding the castle walls to protecting the jewels within.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP): A Valuable Tool, But Not the Complete Picture

DLP solutions play a crucial role in data protection, identifying and blocking sensitive information from unauthorized access or leakage of sensitive data outside organizational controls. They scan emails, file transfers, and other communication channels for keywords, data patterns, and suspicious activity. DLP is like a vigilant sentry at the gate, stopping obvious data breaches from getting through or leaving.

However, DLP relies on pre-defined rules and static data patterns with multiple exceptions to allow data to be sent to authorized parties. In today’s dynamic threat landscape, sophisticated attackers employ stealthier tactics, bypassing traditional DLP controls. They embed data in images, use code obfuscation, or leverage cloud storage for covert data exfiltration. Additionally, insider threats often possess legitimate access, making them invisible to DLP’s watchful eye.

Enter Data-Centric Security: Protecting the Data Wherever It Travels

Data-centric security takes a different approach. It understands that data is the crown jewel, and its protection doesn’t stop at the network edge. This philosophy revolves around four fundamental principles:

  • Data classification and labeling: Identifying and classifying sensitive data based on its confidentiality, integrity, and business value.
  • Access control at the data level: Granular permission systems that dictate who can access and how they can interact with specific data, regardless of location.
  • Data encryption: Applying strong encryption algorithms to render data unintelligible in the wrong hands, even if it escapes your network.
  • Continuous data monitoring and auditing: Tracking data movement and usage, identifying anomalous activity, and taking corrective action as needed.

Why This Matters for Financial, Healthcare, and Industrial Industries

For industries like finance, healthcare, and manufacturing, data breaches are more than just reputational nightmares. They can trigger hefty fines, compromise patient privacy, or even cause physical harm in critical infrastructure scenarios. Data-centric security offers a proactive approach, mitigating these risks by:

  • Meeting stringent compliance regulations: HIPAA, GDPR, and other industry-specific regulations demand robust data protection. Data-centric security provides a framework for compliance and avoids costly penalties.
  • Preventing insider threats: Granular access controls and continuous data monitoring make it harder for malicious insiders to steal or misuse sensitive information.
  • Securing data in the cloud and mobile environments: As data becomes increasingly cloud-based and accessible from mobile devices, data-centric security ensures its protection regardless of location or device.

Ready to Learn More? Dive into Data-Centric Security with Seclore

Data-centric security may seem like a paradigm shift, but it’s the future of data protection. At Seclore, we empower organizations with industry-leading data-centric security solutions that go beyond DLP. We help you classify, protect, and track your sensitive data, no matter where it travels.

Click here to learn more about how we can help your organization:

  • Secure your data across all endpoints in the cloud and mobile devices.
  • Simplify compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Gain visibility and control over your sensitive data regardless of where it resides.
  • Prevent data breaches and insider threats.

Don’t let your data become the next victim of a perimeter-breaching attack. Embrace data-centric security and ensure your sensitive information remains safe wherever it goes.

We invite you to explore more, download resources, and contact our experts to discover how Seclore can help you achieve true data-centric security.

Remember, your data is your most valuable asset. Protect it with the future of data security.

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Scott Kelley

Scott Kelley is a highly skilled Senior Sales Engineer at Seclore who possesses more than 20 years of experience in Cybersecurity. He specializes in Extended Detection and Response (XDR) and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) industries, particularly within the Security Service Edge (SSE). Scott is dedicated to supporting global clients in identifying solutions tailored to their specific organizational requirements while also providing robust security measures to minimize risk from internal and external threats. With his exceptional expertise in the field, Scott is committed to delivering top-notch solutions that meet the highest industry standards for security.

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