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2024 Strategic Roadmap for World-Class Security of Unstructured Data

Read Gartner’s latest research to develop a comprehensive data security roadmap tailored to your unstructured data challenges. Complete the webform for complimentary access to the research.

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Joint Solution Brief - Symantec Cloud DLP

Seclore and Symantec have renewed their longstanding partnership to deliver industry-leading security. By seamlessly Integrating Symantec DLP Cloud with Seclore Data-Centric Security, enterprises now have full control and visibility over data throughout the entire lifecycle to better protect their sensitive information and ensure compliance.

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Shadow Data: Protecting Data in the Shadows and Beyond

Learn how integrating sophisticated data-centric security strategies can enhance compliance, fortify operational resilience, and shield your enterprise against complex cyber threats.

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The Harmless Data Breach for Auto Manufacturers

Data breaches now average $4.5 million in damages. But what if your data could stay secured even when compromised or exfiltrated?

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The Harmless Data Breach for Semiconductor Manufacturers

Data breaches now average $4.5 million in damages. But what if your data could stay secured even when compromised or exfiltrated?

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The Harmless Data Breach for Financial Services and Banking Firms

Data breaches now average $4.5 million in damages. But what if your data could stay secured even when compromised or exfiltrated?

An Overview of State-Level Data Privacy Laws: Implications for Businesses and Academics

Data privacy in the United States is governed by state-specific laws, creating a complex landscape for organizations. The CCPA of 2019 marked a significant shift, with 16 states following suit. Seclore data-centric security helps these states comply with their data privacy laws.

Read this whitepaper to learn how Seclore data-centric security helps the 16 states comply with state-level data privacy laws in the United States.

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ChatGPT vs Data Security: The CISOs Growing Dilemma

CISOs face a growing dilemma: allow employees to harness the power of Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, while maintaining safeguards for sensitive data.

Seclore Security Now 2023: Unveiling Key Insights and Highlights

In its seventh year, Seclore Security Now 2023 immersed cybersecurity professionals in the evolving landscape. Aligned with India’s Digital Data Protection Act, the event delved into the implications and applications of DPDPA, crucial for the booming IT sector.

Don’t miss the insightful details in our whitepaper — a comprehensive report highlighting the key takeaways of the discussions at the event.

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The Cybersecurity Paradox: Security vs Usability

In today’s digital world, organizations need to balance between safeguarding their sensitive data and ensuring fast workflows. Watch our webinar to learn about the balance between Security and Usability in cybersecurity for enterprises. A gap in data security can expose sensitive data, while strict security measures can lead to decreased productivity.

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A Harmless Breach – Is it the Future of Cybersecurity?

Data breaches can cost as much as $4.5 million in damages. However, a new data-centric model offers a path towards a future where breaches become harmless. Learn how data-centric security can prevent data theft, real results from its adoption, and quick wins to pilot right away by watching this webinar. Discover the future of enterprise cybersecurity and the transition from damaging breaches to harmless incidents through data-centric security.

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Webcasts Recordings
2023 Survey: Email Encryption Gaps in Financial Services Firms

Financial Services firms face challenges with their email encryption solutions, including security gaps, a challenging user experience, excess overhead, and poor fit with the enterprise’s business-security app stack. Join our webinar to discover valuable insights and recommendations on customer preferences, market trends, and emerging technologies to overcome these challenges.

Watch the on-demand webinar to explore how to adapt your organization’s practices to meet the demands of DPDP legislation.