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Step up Your Data Protection in the Cloud with Seclore’s Security24

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With privacy regulations in full effect and more organizations using the cloud due to Covid-19, the seismic shift for data-centric security in the cloud has never been greater. However, provisioning IT infrastructure, installing software and configuring tools to work together in the cloud is not only a challenge, but time consuming. And prior to the cloud, data security tools were deployed within the organization’s data center to ensure control over their corporate data. In the cloud however, these organizations’ have little to no control of their sensitive data.

Also, since the advent of the cloud, businesses have been adopting new ways of collaborating and sharing data, which creates a need for more security. Users can easily purchase business applications at the click of a button and start creating repositories with sensitive business information. However, if this data is not protected from falling into the wrong hands or violating compliance regulations, such as GDPR there can be financial and reputational consequences.

Expedite Data-Centric Security in Your Cloud Environment in 24 Hours or Less

Seclore’s Security24 allows organizations to automatically add data protection as a service on the cloud within a 24-hour period (during business days), requiring no IT administration. The entire provisioning process from installation to testing and verification is fully automated. Once deployed, organizations can protect their sensitive data 24/7 when created, accessed, shared, or collaborated on any platform, any device, any network, irrespective of where the data resides, how it is shared, or where it travels.

Seclore can also protect data at scale by automatically attaching security permissions to emails and attachments based on pre-defined security policies, before the email is sent by the user. The protected emails and attachments can be accessed seamlessly whether they are shared internally or externally. Automatically protecting sensitive data helps organizations reduce the threat of losing business critical data shared from or stored in the cloud, with internal users, partners, and other third parties. Data is protected with persistent, granular usage controls to ensure that it stays secure wherever it travels.

IDC Report: Data-Centric Security Coming of Age, Enabled with Automation

Further, delivering data-centric security at the same time as other cloud-hosted software are deployed ensures that the enterprise data security is in lock step with business needs. With Security24, when a business data repository is created, the protection for that data repository is available instantaneously. Adding data protection to the repository ensures that organizations mitigate data loss and meet regulatory compliance, even when they adopt new business applications and tools.

How Does Seclore deliver Data-Centric Security as a Service in the Cloud within One Business Day?

It’s fast and simple! Once you speak to a Seclore sale representative and procure Seclore Security24, you can start the next day. Once you register your product licenses with Seclore , the countdown to receiving your best-in-class data-centric security starts. Seclore’s cloud-native architecture allows the use of the latest cloud automation tools to deploy and configure your system with zero intervention. Once your system is provisioned, the verification and testing process begins and is also fully automated.  Did I hear you tap your “easy button?”

Start Protecting Your Sensitive Documents and Emails

When your system is ready, data in any file type can be protected and tracked, on any device, any platform, or any network. You have control of your information regardless of where it resides.

If you are using Exchange Online or Google mail to directly route your emails to other mail transfer agents then Seclore’s Email Auto-Protector will allow you to automatically protect your emails based on pre-defined rules like sender name, sender domain, recipient name, recipient domain, x-header, etc., added by any application and many more. Automatically protecting emails ensures data security and tracking of sensitive information wherever it travels or resides and removes user friction while consistently closing security gaps.

With Seclore’s Security24, organizations can achieve a faster time to value of their security investments and reduce IT administration time and ongoing cost, while delivering a quick and easy data-centric security strategy that meets regulatory compliance.

For more information about Security24, visit our webpage or learn more about Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform, Rights Management and Email Encryption Plus products.

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